♦ A new tool for monitorizing how many people come across this blog and from where

The particular contents of this blog, and the fact that I add more or less only one post per month, are two relevant factors that contribute, on the one side, to select the visitors on the basis of their interests and, on the other side, to keep the number of visitors low. Indeed, and of course, a blog like the present one cannot and could not aim at having as many visitors as other more generic and/or updated blogs do have. However, I have always found very attractive to check on my page from which countries visitors come across these pages. The reason is that I assume this information as a sort of sociological study that sheds light on, and puts in evidence, the macroareas where people interested in my research do live.

In order to share this information also with all my dear readers, today I have added a new widget, the FlagCounter (see the first right column on the bottom) by means of which one can monitorize:

– which countries (the flags),

– how many visitors from each country (the number after the flag),

– the total amount of accessed pages (first line on the bottom of the window),

– the total number of countries (second line on the bottom).

So, dear visitor, amaze me! Which country are you from?

2 thoughts on “♦ A new tool for monitorizing how many people come across this blog and from where

  1. Hi Elisa!

    Of course it is not said that the countries listed in the window indicate the actual living place of the followers of this blog. It may also be the case – as is your case, I suppose 🙂 – that someone checks one or more among my posts from a research center, university, etc., where s/he is temporarily studying, teaching, etc.

    🙂 k


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