♦ Fund-finding campain for “Digital Dharma” a documentary on E. Gene Smith

Today I have received an email from my friend Lara Maconi concerning a fund-finding campain for a documentary on E. Gene Smith (here some among the principal obituaries from newspapers: The Economist, The NY Times, The Telegraph, The Washington Post). Althought the documentary is almost completed, few but essential things are still to be done. The following is the text of the message, that with pleasure I share here with you:

Digital Dharma

December 2, 2011

Dear Friends,

Our documentary, Digital Dharma, is approaching the finish line.  We’ve just launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the completion funds for the film.

Digital Dharma is the story of E. Gene Smith, the man who saved Tibetan Buddhism. This feature-length documentary uncovers Gene’s 50-year journey with renowned scholars, lamas and laypeople as they struggle to find, preserve and digitize more than 20,000 volumes of ancient Tibetan text. Crossing multiple borders – geographic, political and philosophical – Digital Dharma is an epic story of a cultural rescue and how one man’s mission became the catalyst for an international movement to provide free access to the story of a people.

Status of the Film

We have a compelling 86-minute fine cut in the can, but need help with the finishing (music score, audio mix, color correction and mastering) and marketing costs so that we can share Digital Dharma with the widest audience possible and help complete Gene’s mission.

Kickstarter Campaign

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works: Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform to facilitate public support for ambitious creative projects. We have just 60 days to raise our target $30,000 and are offering great incentives in return for your support.


This is an ALL-OR-NOTHING proposition.  Every Kickstarter project must raise its target funding before its time expires. If we don’t raise our goal of $30,000 in 60 days, we lose everything, and your donation is returned to you. Your contribution is so important. It’s a way for you to help us get the film to the finish line while receiving some great gifts and experiences for your support.

If you are able to make a contribution or wish to learn more about our project and Kickstarter, please click the button below:

In order to participate, you’ll need to register with Amazon (if you’re not already registered).If you are unable to make a monetary donation, please donate a bit of time and become an outreach partner by telling others about this project. The power of your network can help Digital Dharma reach its goal.

What Kinds of Gifts Are We Offering? 
We have many different Digital Dharma-themed gifts available for those who support our project, and a donation level for every budget. Some examples: one of fifty “om” charm bracelets made by Gene’s sister Rosanne, or one of five Raku pottery pieces that she handcrafts in her home. Another reward is one of fifteen special first-edition coffee table books that include breathtaking shots from Gene’s journey, taken by the director.
om charm young tibetan girl raku vasenepal mountains gene smith
**Please note that these are sample rewards, and not the exact version you will be receiving

We appreciate all your support and look forward to announcing that Digital Dharma has been successfully funded!

With gratitude,
Dafna Yachin and the Digital Dharma crew


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