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♦ Dharma Pātañjala

Andrea Acri, Dharma Pātañjala; A Śaiva Scripture from Ancient Java Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts, Egbert Forsten 2012, pp. xviii + 706. Gonda Indological Series XVI The book presents an edition, English translation and study of the Dharma Pātañjala, a previously unpublished Old Javanese-Sanskrit Śaiva scripture transmitted through a single palm-leaf codex… Continue reading ♦ Dharma Pātañjala


♦ Pali Text Society: Colette Caillat’s “Selected Papers”

Colette Caillat, Selected Papers, The Pali Text Society, Bristol 2011, pp. lxxiii + 387. From the Introduction: «Colette Caillat (1921-2007) was first trained in classical languages (Latin and Greek) and philology at the Sorbonne University, Paris, and started her career by teaching in various secondary schools. Later on, when she turned to the field of… Continue reading ♦ Pali Text Society: Colette Caillat’s “Selected Papers”

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♦ Italy welcomes the first Sanskrit-Italian Dictionary

After many years of accurate and painstaking work of several Italian scholars, also Italy has its dictionary of Sanskrit. A project originally by Oscar Botto. Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano (ed. by Saverio Sani), Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2009, pp. LII + 1978, ISBN: 9788846721730, € 80,00. © Comitato Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano, Torino; Director: Saverio Sani; Editorial coordinator: Irma Piovano.… Continue reading ♦ Italy welcomes the first Sanskrit-Italian Dictionary


♦ Self and No-Self

Book review: Self and No-Self, Continuing the Dialogue Between Buddhism and Psychotherapy, by Dale Mathers, Melvin E. Miller, Osamu Ando, Routledge, Oxon/New York 2009, pp. 256, ISBN 978-0-415-43606-9, £22.99 (Paperback) £60.00 (Hardback) From the editor book profile: About the Book This collection explores the growing interface between Eastern and Western concepts of what it is to be human… Continue reading ♦ Self and No-Self

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♦ Studies on the Cārvāka/Lokāyata

Book review: Studies on the Cārvāka/Lokāyata, by Ramkrishna Bhattacharya, Società Editrice Fiorentina/Manohar, Firenze 2009, pp. 254 ISBN 978-88-6032-113-8, € 28,00 (view editor book profile). ▪ The Preface of the book: «I started writing on the Cārvāka, the most uncompromising materialist school of philosophy in ancient India, from 1995 and have continued to work on its different aspects.… Continue reading ♦ Studies on the Cārvāka/Lokāyata