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♦ Italy welcomes the first Sanskrit-Italian Dictionary

After many years of accurate and painstaking work of several Italian scholars, also Italy has its dictionary of Sanskrit. A project originally by Oscar Botto.

Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano (ed. by Saverio Sani), Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2009, pp. LII + 1978, ISBN: 9788846721730, € 80,00.

© Comitato Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano, Torino; Director: Saverio Sani; Editorial coordinator: Irma Piovano.

With an Introduction to Sanskrit language and grammar.

After more than 150 years from the official introduction of Sanskrit language among the academic disciplines in Italy – Gaspare Gorresio held indeed the chair of Sanskrit in 1852 -, the Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano satisfies an objective and legitimate need, that is, making Italian students and scholars of Sanskrit free from the dependence on foreign dictionaries, by offering them a modern means of reference, updated according to the recent lexicographic knowledge.

The Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano represents the fruit of the work of many years organized by an Editorial Committee, born in 1999, to which several équipes of filers from different Italian Universities belong. The lexical data coming from all the équipes have been collected in a database of the Dipartimento di Linguistica of the Università degli Studi di Pisa, where the electronic organization and elaboration of the various entries has been developed under the direction of Saverio Sani.

The Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano has about 180.000 entries. To facilitate also those scholars who are not specialists, or those who are simply interested in Hindology, the entries are listed one by one, and not grouped under roots or main themes as it happens for many modern Sanskrit dictionaries.

Excerpts (PDF from the Publisher website):



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